Malin (8) from Germany and Sidonie (8) from France

Levid (10) from Germany and Satya (9) from France

Jeanne (9) from France and Lilli (9) from Germany

Who are ALLEF?

ALLEF is a non-profit-making body which organises linguistic and cultural exchanges for 8 to 10 year old children. Through our programme, boys and girls of primary school age get the chance to experience life in a caring European host family and to learn French, German or English as a foreign language.

We carry out our international exchange programme with carefully selected families from Germany, France or the UK. Participants in our exchanges are boys and girls who from an early age have shown curiosity about other countries and other cultures, and have expressed an interest in a foreign exchange of their own initiative.

All our exchange co-ordinators have themselves taken part in this exceptional and rewarding exchange programme and will guide you through the experience with advice and support. Because we are a not-for-profit organisation, whose members are committed to working on an entirely voluntary basis to promote cross-cultural understanding, we are able to keep our costs for arranging exchanges to very reasonable levels.

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